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Maryport Bitter and Blues Festival Reviews and Photos

Blues Paintings by Lawrence Arkle

Catfish Blues by Max Haymes

T C I Blues by Max Haymes

Blues Singers and Their Instruments
         Check out Dai Thomas's latest list  - updated

Water Witch 15th December 2002

8th December 2002  Washboard Robin doing his thing

3rd November 2002  Great night at the John O'Gaunt

15th July 2002  Blues Night at Sedbergh Church

6th May 2002  New essay from Max Haymes:
Katy's at the Station

24th April 2002  Take a look at the Water Witch 

14th April 2002  Take a look at the Water Witch 

20th March 2002  Take a look at the Water Witch 

12th February 2002   New venue for the Juke-Joint Blues

7th February 2002  
New essay from Max Haymes: Yellow Dog

23rd January 2002
Check out
Roots of Rhythm
Also check out the very sought after book:
The Blues Highway: New Orleans to Chicago by Richard Knight

15th January 2002  
About time I gave some credit to our contributors!

17th December 2001
Johnny Ace performing at the Dukes

9th December 2001

Another great night at the Dukes with Dai Thomas

Down the Dirt Road (Part 1 and 2)
Thanks to Courtland for more of his travels round the Mississippi Delta

27th November 2001
Old Blues Adverts .... Fascinating

25th November 2001
Take a look at the Monkey Gland Jug Band at the John O'Gaunt, Lancaster on 22nd November 2001.

1st November 2001
Check out our latest links

10th October 2001
Check out the latest at the Dukes Juke-Joint

6th September 2001
New essay from Max Haymes: Worry Blues

27th August 2001
Check out the photos from the Colne Blues Festival

24th August 2001
Check out the latest at the Dukes Juke-Joint

14th August 2001
Check out the Festival Fringe at the Great British R&B Festival, 
Colne, Lancashire

1st August 2001
More recipes from the South

24th July 2001
Ria, Bridgitta, Simon a ravin night!)

17th July 2001
Blues Dukes Biographies

9th July 2001
Dai Thomas at the Dukes
More of Our Blues Links

2nd July 2001
Norrie at the Dukes

27th June 2001
New essay from Max Haymes: Baby Please Don't Go (Origins of a Blues)
Summertime at the Dukes

14th June 2001
Another excellent session at the Dukes
Check out the next Maryport Blues Festival
Don't forget Max' next Blues Evening Course

6th June 2001
Complete set of essays on Lucille Bogan

4th June 2001
Details of Max Haymes' next Blues Evening Course
Another excellent session at the Dukes

22nd May 2001
Advance notice of the next Blues Course from Max Haymes
Advance notice of August Bank Holiday Blues Festivals
Photos of Strumammy

21st May 2001
We are now linked to the French Blues Web Ring La chaine du blues
Another excellent session at the Dukes
More details from Barrie Marshall - his Musical History

25th April 2001
A great night at the Dukes with Robin on Guitar
More Blues Links
Updated Blues Mall

18th April 2001
New essay from Max Haymes: Spotlight on Lucille Bogan (Part 1)

11th April 2001
Charity Cabaret on 6th April at The Gregson Centre
Lancashire Bands - starting with Strumammy
A new Guest Book instead of the Feedback Form 

5th April 2001
Top Ten Blues from Steve Hurl (thanks Steve)

31st March 2001
Some photos of Will Newman at the John O'Gaunt Lancaster

14th March 2001
Down the Dirt Road
Thanks to Courtland for details of his travels round the Mississippi Delta

7th March 2001
Take a look at the Messages page  
- how are you at identifying gravestones?

25th February 2001
Welcome back Max and Celia from Morocco

6th February 2001
Another Great Dukes Session
Blues Cullinery Weekend

28th January 2001
Another great Dukes Session 
Take a look at Will Newman's new website at www.willnewman-littlesister.co.uk

23rd January 2001
Another great Dukes Session  
Mike - look at the Messages page

17th January 2001
First Dukes Session of 2001

10th January 2001
More Lancashire Links

19th December 2000
Blues Definitions added

16th December 2000
What is the Blues? added
Chronology of Blues on Record adde
Monkey Gland Jug Band gig photos added

13th December 2000
Publicity for the Dukes 'Juke-Joint' added
Blues Mall added

7th December 2000
More Blues Essays added

2nd December 2000
Ye Olde John O'Gaunt
Lancaster Blues Gig added
More Blues Essays added

29th November 2000
Blues Books added
More Blues Essays added

26th November 2000
Blues Web Rings Added to Home Page

16th November 2000
More Blues Essays added
More Lancashire Links added
Coming Soon page added
Corrected spelling mistakes (thanks Adrian!)

8th November 2000
Blues Links
More Blues Recipes added

4th November 2000
Blues Recipies
Search Google

2nd November 2000

19th October 2000
Blues Essays

18th October 2000
Blues Researchers
Blues Courses
Dukes (Latest Session) added
Feedback Form added

15th October 2000
Lancashire Blues (Wagon and Horses) added

13th October 2000
What is Early Blues added

12th October 2000
Lancashire Links added
Hall of Fame added
Resting Places added

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