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Hero. Legend. Good Bloke.
John Peel OBE, 1939 - 2004

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Groovyhead was formed in 2001 in an attempt to break out of the traditional mould of Blues groups while retaining that blues feel.  We had all grown up loving the blues and played for years (decades!) creating the atmosphere and dynamics of the blues but  wanted to push ourselves into a new and  individual direction.

Early days were spent on writing songs and exploring new directions and it soon became apparent that Rob and Clive’s experience as lead guitarists combined to generate the intensity  and originality we craved.  Backed by Chris’s laid back but punchy drumming and Paul's solid bass we found a sound that felt traditional and exciting.

Gigs have centred around our Worcester base with excursions to Bristol, Birmingham etc.  We have appeared at every Upton Blues Festival, each time to great acclaim.  Our first CD “Feet First”  was released in 2002 and our second will be following soon.

If  you’re looking for a guitar driven blues based band with an original slant playing mainly original material with a few covers thrown in then please give us a shout. Email: band@groovyhead.co.uk

Rob Scott - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
From a "heavyish" start Rob has fronted numerous bands including Strange Brew and Wolf At The Door using his love of the blues and technical ability to influence GroovyHead's current direction. He teaches guitar and runs Worcester's rehearsal studios. Watch out for "The Stare" if any other band members dare to slip up !
Kit - Fender guitars and amplification.

Clive Kennard - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Longtime stalwart of the Worcester music scene Clive has featured in many bands including Herd of Elephants and Triple Threat (with Rob). His easy style and earthy blues compliment Robs edge and the duets really are worth catching. Usually to be seen at Worcester's "Jam Night" at the Marrs Bar showing the guys how to do it Clive commands respect.
Kit - Fender Guitars and amplification

Chris Howells - Drums & Percussion
Talking of seasoned! Chris was a professional drummer in the 60s and 70s and involved in the Birmingham scene playing with The Move etc. A recording contract with The Chances Are led to a bollocking from Ringo Starr at Abbey Road after Chris tried his drums out ! Follow that ! He's now a renowned artist so check out our posters.
(He recently admitted that he was a school friend and class mate of John Bonham and that's why he started drumming - what else is to follow?)
Kit - Tama Drums, Zildjan & Paiste Cymbals

Paul Atterbury - Bass Guitar
Another seasoned musician Paul cut his teeth with the Breakbluesers but has encompassed Punk, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal and Reggae during his time including The Nightrippers and Wolf At The Door. No fretw**ker Paul is a member of the rhythm section first and superstar second. Career highlight - backing Alexis Korner.
Kit - Musicman Stingray Bass and Trace Elliot amplification

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