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Charlie Patton painting  Copyright 2004 Loz Arkle
Painting 2004 Loz Arkle

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Hero. Legend. Good Bloke.
John Peel OBE, 1939 - 2004

Red Lick Records



Max's Acoustic Blues Sessions - Kierby Park Hotel, Burnley

The Photos: Easter Weekend: Friday 25th March 2005

Banjo Slim - from Lancaster



Blue Guitar Chris - from Lancaster


Ragtime Mike - from Lancaster

Dan & Dave - from Lancaster



Dai Thomas - all the way from Salford  Check out Dai's info page

Swampstompers from way down in St Helens....

'Albert Th'gator'  Eric 'Bones' Burke & Baz 'Guitar' Dooley
track down their CD.. Unplugged: The Hotel California Sessions
For further info contact Jan (Chief Swampy) at Forrejan@aol.com  or phone 01744  892256


Eric 'Bones' Burke and Baz 'Guitar' Dooley

Eric 'Bones' Burke on Vocals, 'Gob Iron'/Harp/harmonica whatever.....
Guinness, Bones, kazoo, (and anything else he can get his hands on that makes a noise!!) 


Baz 'Guitar' Dooley on guitars, occasional vocals and giggling

Eric and his 'Gob Iron'


Introducing Robin on harp....


Rattle those bones!!


Check out Mud in Your Ear at the Sparrow Hawk Saturday, 26th March 2005

Check out the Kierby Saturday afternoon photos, 26th March 2005

Check out the Kierby Saturday evening photos, 26th March 2005

Check out the Kierby Sunday afternoon photos, 27th March 2005 (coming soon)

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